Thursday, 18 July 2013


Today was my first day back at school and it was a blur. I wanted so badly to go in just to see friends, and catch up with what I've missed. However, I realised even as I stepped through the gates that it wouldn't be the same. That the slightest moan would agitate me and I was right. It's difficult trying to fit back into a society that is unappreciative, but you have to cope, because they haven't seen what you have. 

The food isn't as nice either!!

Lunch break on the other hand, was very different. Those who visited Peru met in Hops' room, and we spoke about our feelings and what has changed for us. It was interesting to hear what some people had changed about themselves, as well as how they had changed. It was revitalising to be with people who understood how you felt.

For me, this journey was life changing, and I now aspire to be all I can be, and live my life to the full. 

Although the journey within Peru is over, the journey within our hearts is still on going. Project Peru 2013. Never forget 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Back to School

After two long days of travel I am sitting at my desk reflecting on what has been a life changing trip. It has been a journey of discovery.

We have seen  people living in  conditions we couldn't  imagine......

...... and have been overwhelmed by the positive and joyful way that they face such challenging conditions.

We have travelled on a bone shaking bus.....


Went to work on a boat and bounced up the Amazon..............
 We hugged children.....

And animals hugged us....


We met a wonderful women who gave love and security to many children.......

and who has the most amazing laugh........

It was an amazing journey of discovery and the greatest part was the journey deep inside as every one of us discovered more about ourselves. Not only did we discover the simple joy of caring, playing and comforting young children, we also experienced the blanket of care and comfort we give to each other as well as endless laughter.

In our nightly reflections we supported each other in dealing with the emotional challenge of the day and the big questions we were asking ourselves.

I had a truly remakable journey and was acompanied by truly remarkable people. I want to thank them all for giving themselves so fully. I want particularly thank Jo Hopper for her elephant........

 .............. and for caring for all of us.

Finally, on behalf of Project Peru 2013, I would like to thank the members of our community, families, staff, students and Governors who made a journey of a life-time possible. Because, as it says on our art work...........

......We did live life to the full!

God Bless

Gerard Moran


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Final night💖

I'd just like to say a big thank you for tonight. Although we weren't working, playing or praying, tonight really made this amazing journey unforgettable. Those who surrounded me, made my time here surreal. Thank you everyone! 

Also, thank you for the awards and the amazing gifts from the angels, especially mine, it was perfect! SHOUT OUT TO BATESON!! 

Might take up rock smashing now, oh and I may become a dance instructor, need Willis blush more at how bad he was tonight? 

Hops hops hops 

Over and out amigo's, for the very last night in Iquitos, you will be missed Mitch 💞

The final countdown!! Mitch takes over take 2

We have just finished an amazing experience in Iquitos. This morning was kicked off with a trip around a local market. Each individual on the trip was given a mission at the start of the Peruvian adventure to look after a selected person on the journey. The markets gave us all the perfect excuse to spend some soles on the person we were to look after...... It's amazing how people can link various jungle items to memories they've shared with people in the group!

We then walked a few blocks to a local Chinese. The air con was beautiful - imagine sweating for 16 days solid before walking into a freezer and you're almost there!!! We were all treated to a wonderful feast thanks to an anonymous donation from a generous member of staff at St. John's. Inca cola and sweet and sour chicken was devoured by all!

As we all headed back to the hotel (loaded with Asian cuisine) we took time to write small notes / affirmations about each person we'd travelled with. It's amazing how quickly you realise How beautiful, gifted and unique every single person is when you are given time to think about those you'd have shared the past few weeks with.

Tonight was also the AMAZING EVENING OF PERU HAS GOT TALENT! Each group was given the task of creating a song or dance reflecting their time here. Needless to say it was yet another opportunity to witness how incredible each and every individual at St. John's is. It's safe to say there are some sights I can never unsee......

I maybe biased but..... St. John's prides itself on being a school guided by gospel values and this trip just shows it a million times over. If you a parent, sibling, friend, wife, husband, boyfriend. girlfriend or teacher of any young person here please be proud of their achievements in Peru. I know you haven't seen them work here first hand but they truly have blossomed into beautiful, insightful, gorgeous, witty, insightful youngsters (and oldsters!) who I am so proud to call amigos after this journey.

Finally I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Jo Hopper. She has been a modern day Karl Kennedy here in Iquitos. As a group we called upon her to be a friend, teacher, counsellor, medic, comedian, musician and general saint. She'll probably die a little inside reading this but as I'm doing the blog tonight I can say what I want! HOPS WE LOVE YOU.

Adios amigos see you at Newcastle airport!

Mitch xxxx

Queens of $a$$ - lyrics

Wake up in the morning and we've got the shits, 
Grab my glasses I'm at the site we're gonna paint this city, 
Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of agua,
When we leave the jungle, we ain't going back. 

I'm talking pedicures on our toes toes,
Wearing all our work clothes, 
No wifi on our phones phones.

Hop skipping, eating our favourite ice cream, 
Running up to the rooftop, 
Tryna get a little bit tipsy.

Chorus: Don't stop lovin' hops,
Going walkies to the shops,
Tonight got a fright when we got a mozzie bite,
Tik Tok 6 o'clock then the working don't stop, 
Ohh... x2 

So many cares in the world and we're shedding a tear, 
Got my soles in my pocket and G-Dawgg's ready for beer,
Now the dudes are lining up because we're European,
But we kick em to the curb because Joe Plumb told us to.

I'm talking everybody moving junk junk,
Cruising in the jeep trunk,
Bed bugs in our bunk bunk. 

Now now we work till we burn out out,
Saturday went down town town,
Rocking it with Hannah Brown Brown Brown.

Chorus x2

We build walls up,
We break rocks up,
The hammer pounds,
The heat got me now.

With my paintbrush,
We got this now,
Lisa got that cloud,
Yeah she got it.

We build walls up, 
We break rocks down,
The hammer pounds,
The heat got me now.

With my shovel,
Fill your barrow,
Fill your bucket.

Now the party don't start 'til Stampy walks in.

Chorus x2 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Futbol (England v Peru)

Hola bonitas! 

Today has been proper class! it was much needed and then it was the big game. In a game filled with controversy we ended up losing by two goals but we put in some hard tackles (diddzy) and left some Peruvians crying on the floor, so all in all it was a success. Now we're getting ready to session (approved by G-Dawgg) tonight and go salsa dancing! 

But in gen thanks everyone for a wonderful experience, had a brilliant fortnight, I loved the jungle and the animals and really I've loved every part, from the plane (even though I missed the end of Silver Linings because there were ox-bow lakes tempting me to look out of the window) to playing futbol every day.  Daniella was a class footballer and it upset me the most that she'd known me so little time and cried when I left, it saddens me that she won't get the same opportunities I've had in life. 

I've loved the various sing songs we've had, big shout out to Hops who has released plenty of tricks from her sleeve. I didn't realise how class she was until I came here and she's properly inspired me in my time here! (Her name was Deborah, Deborah). Most importantly though, I've loved every single bit of food here except the coleslaw, can't wait for another round of plane food (mmm tomato juice). 

Although I don't want to leave here, I'm ready for home now, I'll take loads from this experience and I know I'll look back with sadness but inspiration and moments of laughter (cheese). Not gonna  lie though can't wait for a good chicken balti pie and I've really missed rice. My time on my fave continent and on my fave river has been one I'll not forget. 

Watch room 1s space in the talent show!!!!!!!!!

Crooksey x